comiccherubrick missing a wing is pretty great too because he can still have use of both hands but is still properly disabled (at least in the context of cherubs flyin around)

negan: i know that you're probably scared of people seeing your fat legs in shorts.
olivia: no.
negan: okay, well back in olden times, a large fat person, like this, was a person of power. a person who had money, could buy food, person of respect. like the negan of the day. whereas, someone athletic and buff, like myself, was someone who worked in the fields... and i was a peasant.
olivia: i just don't want to run. i didn't bring my sneakers or other clothes.
negan: well, you're going to have to run, or you're going to be in a lot of trouble. it is not olden times anymore.
negan: i know a lot of you are upset with me for endangering glenn's life by hitting him, with lucille. but it may make you feel a little better to know that before that happened, dwight endangered his life, by putting a garbage bag over his head that had a bat in it.
rick: six of one, really.
negan: turns out glenn had been exposed to rabies. which is like ten times worse than a little crack in your skull. thanks to me, he died, and that saved our lives.
rick: dwight picked the wrong day to put a wooden mallard in my house.

i just want everything to be ok


it’s been like 3 yrs but… rip megavideo


The Korra artists are so goofy.

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negan: my biggest fear is turning into him.
ezekial: negan, you should have much bigger fears than that.
negan: i wasn't talking literally, ezekial. yeah, being buried alive would be worse. happy? why am i talking to you?
rick: sure. negan's a good teacher. a teacher is someone who stands right next to you your whole life and never lets you do anything. that's what a teacher is, right?
rick: they said that they would feel more comfortable if you came along.
negan: why don't they just want you to go by yourself? why do they want me to come, too? i don't understand.
rick: i absolutely don't understand, either.
negan: i don't want you to feel like i'm baby-sitting you, or something. alright.
rick: alright.
negan: let me get your stroller.